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"Moon Candy" Pendant - Rhodes



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“Moon Candy” is a charming line of jewelry that features luscious curvature resembling flow of water.
Depicting traces of moving light, Moon Candy playfully represents dew of light gathered and collected from the moon.

水の流れを彷彿とさせるモダンな曲線が美しい"Moon Candy"シリーズ。

- Details -

Model - 018
Material - 925 Sterling Silver
Size - 9.2cm × 5.0cm
Weight - 88g
Origin - Japan
Price - ¥105,600


Embraced by the moon
As the allure softly caresses
The twilight sky above

その光は誘惑を帯びて、 黄昏を静かに照らす。


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