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2021/12/27 17:16

"RHODES(ローズ)"の1st コレクションを12月28日よりFabulous Soundsにて発売いたします。
吉田 量がクリエイティブディレクターを務め、約2年の月日をかけ実現させたジュエリーブランドです。


Embraced by the moon
As the allure softly caresses
The twilight sky above


RHODES 1st Collection

Golden mist trickles and showers over the night sky.


- Fogeater -

Sterling Silver / ¥157,300
Sterling Silver × 18k Gold / ¥426,800
18k Gold / ¥1,166,000

Strings of tears held deeply inside your heart, softly wrapped in a chain to adorn the neck, all to never to forget.


- Tear Embrace -

Sterling Silver / ¥154,000
Sterling Silver × 18k Gold / ¥402,600
18k Gold / ¥1,100,000

Dew of light from the moon collected and poured into every color and shape. 
Touch your favorite and head out to town.


- Moon Candy -

Material - Sterling Silver
Ring / ¥48,400 ~ ¥79,200
Bangle / ¥199,100

The practice of incorporating constantly changing realm of our world into our lifestyle has always been valued, as seen in principles of borrowed scenery and bonsai.
Everyday, we are engrossed in the nature's fragile beauty and its transience.


- Lunar Phase -

Material - Sterling Silver
Medium / ¥220,000
Large / ¥253,000

The practice of “adornment” by mankind evolved through mourning, and from there on, through prayer for rebirth as religious art, thus acknowledging the truth that we are indeed, mortal beings. Worshipping of the immortal, such as transcendental powers and holy spirits, came as natural to mankind, carving signs of testimony to illustrate the relationship between the inner (microcosmos) and the outer (macrocosmos) world.

人類による装飾表現は、「悼み」のその先にある「再生への祈り」を表す荘厳芸術として発生し、自らが限りある者であるという真実を実感してきました。それゆえに超越的な存在や聖なるものなど、「限りないもの」に憧れをいだき、 その内面(ミクロコスモス)と世界(マクロコスモス)との関係性の「あかし」を「しるし」として今日まで刻んできました。

- Ceryneian Hind -

Material - 18k Gold,PT950,Pave Diamond(4ct)
Ring / ¥4,037,000

Rhodes project believes in unraveling the true nature behind the act of embellishing oneself.Jewelry is an art piece that sits closest to the skin.
We are attached in its proximity, illuminated by its glow, and through it, connected to the outside.In a world in which value is too often measured in superficial terms, our unrelenting sense of purpose lies in offering true authenticity that exudes enchantment from within.

RHODES Projectでは人が飾ることの本質を追い求めています。

RHODESの商品はFabulous Soundsにてご覧いただけます。